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As if TikTok, Shapchat, and Instagram Reels wasn’t enough, YouTube decides to jump into the bite-sized video arena with its own version. But will YouTube Shorts really have as much of an impact as other social platforms?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Then again, I think it’s more of a generational thing. Personally, I prefer using the desktop to make my videos. However, the system may have some merits for what I’m trying to do.

Why is YouTube Shorts Even a Thing?

Short video content is all the rage at the moment. And although some platforms seem to be holding on to more success than Vine, which disappeared some time ago, this method could still be nothing more than a fad.

Much like planking videos, or chewing on Tide Pods.

As Google pushes for mobile engagement, even if 80% of your website’s visitors do so through desktops, YouTube Shorts might have some staying power.

Will YouTube Shorts Stick Around?

Then again, I thought the same thing about Google+ at one point.

You see, Google has a way of tossing out what it deems as a failed venture. Even if a large number of people enjoy a service, like a tool, or find value in a project, Google is well-known for dropping the axe.

If it doesn’t bring in truckloads of money immediately, the company doesn’t want to waste the time.

On the other hand, the younger generation seems to be all about the short clips of video content. And if there is any sure-fire way to succeed at any money-making scheme, it’s to get the younger generations to endorse the product.

But like everything Google touches, it all remains to be seen. There is no guarantee that YouTube Shorts will be around in five years.

This is a big reason why I don’t invest in Stadia. Google’s track record of keeping services around for a long period of time is less than ideal.

And to think, I really wanted Google Glass.

Am I Considering YouTube Shorts for the Channels?

So, I was debating on what YouTube Shorts means for me as a creator. No, I’m not as massive as Mr Beast or any of the others. But, there may be something to blasting out 60-second clips.

One of the hardest parts about maintaining my channels is how long it takes me to edit videos. I simply don’t have the time to really dive into recording, production, and publishing all of this content.

However, YouTube Shorts might be something I can do quickly to get a brief message out or show off something fun for my audience.

This means the channel gets a bit of content, even when I really don’t have a lot of time to spare. But, it does mean I have to learn how to use yet another social platform…and remember to use the damn thing.

That’s one of my biggest issues with social media marketing. I simply forget to post most of the time. It’s why I use Publicize on all of my blogs. It automatically sends the new post to social media.

So, the short answer to whether I’ll use YouTube Shorts is…maybe?

Something Else I Need to Schedule

The hardest part for me regarding YouTube Shorts is remembering to post. I usually have a lot on my mind while working on various projects. But, I’ll try to remember to upload when possible.

Who knows…maybe this will give me a bit of a kickstart for the content on a couple of my slow-burning channels.

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