I had just finished lunch and was getting ready to create a video for WriterSanctuary’s YouTube channel. Then, I see something on Twitter that catches my eye. Protestors stormed the Capitol. Needless to say, my day seems far trivial in comparison.

So, I spent the last three hours following the story of what was going on.

Now I sit here, staring at my camera, wondering to myself, “is it right to go on, now?” It’s difficult to stay focused when your house is on fire.

For I am a patriot…in the sense that I care deeply about my homeland. And seeing the madness unfold affects me on levels I really didn’t know were there.

In fact, I haven’t felt this unnerved about events since 9/11.

And due to the fact that I’m a stress eater, I just pigged out on Wendy’s as I watched the video progress of an institution turned inside out. This really doesn’t help during losing weight for the things I am trying to do this year.

How Does This Affect My Day?

I’m still on the fence about how to proceed. Yes, the United States is in upheaval at the moment. But, I still have a job to do and goals to maintain. As callous as it may sound, the world will continue to revolve.

I was debating on doing a video about the situation. However, I can’t see how it relates to writing or blogging.

Luckily, I already pushed out the Vocal article this morning for the experiment I’m running. So, at least I had something under my personal belt today.

And as more news rolls across my monitor, I find it increasingly difficult to focus on what I need to do. After all, I’m witnessing pivotal moments in history.

When 9/11 happened, I still had to work. Back then, I was working a 9-to-5 job processing and writing homeowner’s insurance claims. If I didn’t work, I would have been fired.

Right now, though, I am caught up on client work and was starting to put continued effort into my blogs. So, I can kind of afford just calling it a day and reflect on current events.

But, that isn’t conducive to keeping the momentum and still making 2021 my best year yet.

Finding Ways to Be Constructive, I Guess

Technically, writing this blog post is constructive and adds to my 1 million word goal for 2021. But, it’s not exactly what I wanted to write about.

I had plans to do a tutorial blog post and video. I wanted to research ways to do an ASMR and how I could incorporate it into my YouTube channel. And, I also wanted to work on VII and get it published in the coming months.

I’m sure that I’ll get back into the swing of things later today. Unfortunately, I don’t know just how motivated I’m going to be for the content I wanted to create.

Perhaps I should give myself a breather and do something else other than watch YouTube or browse Twitter feeds.

Maybe I should clean my desk to show my workspace on the WriterSanctuary Instagram account.

Trying to Be Neutral During Chaos

Normally, I try to stay neutral when it comes to politics. Most of what I do has no right or left lean. I am willing to work and deal with anyone who wants to learn or needs help.

But what is going on today is simply madness. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

I know people, good people, who voted for Trump. And many of them also condemn what’s going on. This is something you’d see on CNN from a third-world country, not a world superpower.

And although I can deal with many types of people on a professional level, the storming of the Capitol is beyond comprehension or justification.

Off to Take a Breather

I suppose this post is more of a rant and a way for me to manage at the moment. So, take it with a grain of salt. Right now, I am off to take a break and do some cleaning.

I kind of like the idea of doing some Instagram stuff today for WriterSanctuary. Perhaps getting a bit more creative can get my mind off of the insanity in DC.

With that said, please, if you’re in any affected areas, don’t take unnecessary risks. Be safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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Chris Desatoff
3 years ago

I hear ya, man. Pretty much the same, here. I tried to write my next blog post but couldn’t focus for sh*t. So I ended up binge eating some Cane’s chicken strips meal and driving around the outskirts of Vegas for a couple hours, just to clear my head. But once I got back to my computer, I still had a hard time and didn’t get anything done. And then I ate Dinner #2 lol – stress eater here. Guilty as charged. It’s now 1:21 in the morning, and I’m still hoping to force myself to get some work done.… Read more »