End 30 Days of Blogging

So, today marks the last day of blogging for a month. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to commit, but I pushed through. And it’s been an incredibly helpful experience for me. And I’m not just talking from a marketing perspective.

Although the site didn’t pull in massive numbers in terms of traffic, it was pivotal for helping me get motivated to write again.

Like I said in a previous blog post, it’s all about developing positive and productive habits. And this experiment has definitely started the ball rolling.

How Did 30 Days of Blogging Go?

The thing about blogging is that traffic numbers are not going to be apparent right off the bat. It could take months before any one solid post can gain traction in search engines.

Take the Buy Me a Coffee review I wrote last year. It was about six months before that article became number one in Google. And yes, it has been slipping, so I’ll definitely have to revamp that piece soon.

Anyway, my point is that what you write today may not instantly drive traffic. But it could become an incredibly popular piece six months from now.

So, I’ll include my findings on WriterSanctuary’s live show on YouTube on Monday. But, I won’t really know how much of an impact 30 days of blogging made for another couple of months.

I’ll schedule when to look at Analytics and Search Console in Asana so I won’t forget. At that point, I’ll write another blog post sharing my findings.

The problem I’m facing now, though, is remembering to periodically write on this website while managing the other sites. I might just turn this blog into a once-per-week publishing.

That all really depends on how everything goes. I have a lot on my plate and need to find a good and productive balance. And writing a blog post in the morning first thing has definitely sparked something in me.

For one thing, I’m finding that I want to write as soon as I wake up. Which is a good thing, but not really because at that point, my words may not make much sense until after my coffee.

Blogging for PracticallyLivingGreen.com

So, the next 30-day experiment for blogging centers around PracticallyLivingGreen.com. It’s a website I created for the sole purpose of making money. Well, that and bridging the gap between progressives and conservatives when it comes to living green.

You don’t have to be either left or right to understand the benefits of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to understand how much money you could save by changing simple habits.

It’s part of a video series that I’m doing on YouTube for figuring out how long it takes to actually make money from a blog.

It’s a Virtually Empty Website

PracticallyLivingGreen.com has absolutely no content on it as of today. That’s because I’ve been a bit busy trying to keep everything else spinning. So, it’s perfect to see what a new blogger faces in terms of generating traffic.

I’ve already added it to Search Console and Analytics. I still need author bios and a proper publishing schedule, which I am working on today. But after that, it all comes down to getting some content up.

I’m also toying with a few things to add in terms of plugins and features. So, it’ll be interesting to see what we can turn the site into. I just need to make sure I take a before picture before I start blogging.

In fact, I’ll do that now before I forget.

Need Content Before I Can Monetize

Before you can use a variety of monetizing methods, your site needs content. This is because many platforms will only authorize you if the site looks as though it’s legit.

Too many people try to game the system and make sites with nothing but ads plastered all over them. Which I really don’t understand. Most visitors want to consume content, not scroll your page looking to shop.

It’s not the classified section of a newspaper. Come on, now.

I figure after a straight month of creating detailed, quality content, we’ll be able to monetize using Adsense, affiliate banners, and set up an Amazon account.

Why can’t I monetize right now? Like I said, most systems require some content on your site before you’re authorized.

Need to Set Up Yet Another Round of Social Accounts

The hardest part of setting up PracticallyLivingGreen.com is setting up all its own social accounts. Which means I’ll have to add yet another Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account to the profile.

Because I don’t have enough to manage already.

Though, I am pretty excited to do some of the YouTube videos. I have a ton of ideas for what I want to do with the brand, so that’s going to be interesting to say the least.

I might have to jockey a few things around so that I have time to put into all of my projects. But I think this latest addition is going to be the maximum I can handle. I’m already trying to find time for the things I do now.

Who knows, I might just give the site to my son once the video series is over and see what he can do.

How Much Blogging Have You Done Lately?

The last 30 days of blogging have been greatly beneficial for me as a writer. Not just because I just dumped 30 pieces of content over the last month, but because it’s helping me get back into being productive.

And at this point, being productive for my own projects is more valuable to me than generating a ton of traffic. And once all of my sites have had a 30-day blast of content, I’ll probably keep up the trend by adding things like Medium, Hubpages, and Vocal.media.

To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty excited about what blogging in the morning can do for me over the next year. So, here’s to keeping up the momentum and getting more out of my websites.

Though, I am thinking the impact of a regular schedule is going to be more profound for sites I’ve had up for the last six or seven years.

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