Strategies For Success

I’ve been a freelance writer since January of 2012. I’ve worked from home as a full-timer since mid-2013. And if there is one thing among the many strategies for success that controls how well you do, it’s the amount of effort you put in.

Because without putting in the time and skill to accomplish something, you’re not going to get paid much. Money and clients aren’t simply going to land in your lap.

For example, if you’re a blogger or YouTuber, no one is going to visit if you don’t have content they want to absorb.

Effort dictates success.

The Impact Effort Has on You

Effort To Work

I’ve seen too many people put in a half-assed effort to accomplish things in their lives. Whether it’s professional or personal, it just doesn’t seem like a lot of thought goes into the practice of achieving goals.

However, putting in the effort to become something more than you are has a lot of rewards. And I’m not just talking about fortune and glory.

Finding your own strategies for success can change your world in ways you may not even realize.

Altering Your Mindset

Accomplishing things on a daily basis and feeling good about what you’ve done promotes a positive mindset. You begin to feel a sense of pride in yourself, which feels pretty damn good.

Before long, you’ll find yourself doing what needs to be done to ensure your success because you want to keep feeling good about yourself.

After all, a good level of self-esteem and confidence can take you extremely far in the world of freelancing.

Having Sustainable Income

The more effort you put into any project, ability or opportunity, the chances of making more money vastly increase. But, don’t expect riches to come overnight.

I’ve seen a lot of potential freelance writers give up quickly because they’re not immediately bringing in thousands of dollars. It doesn’t work like that, especially if you’re a new writer.

After some hard work, dedication and perseverance, though, you’ll find it easier to generate a sustainable income.

Opening Doors You Didn’t Know Were There

Lastly, effort into positive strategies for success will also layout a lot of opportunities you didn’t know existed. For instance, I had no idea I would be GreenGeeks’ Content Marketing Team Lead when I first started writing back in 2012.

I’ve also come across a lot of incredible people over the years through networks and connections.

None of this would have been possible if not for the amount of effort I’ve put into maintaining my craft. And that’s probably the biggest part of having good strategies for success in play. You never know when someone can near-instantly propel your career.

9 Strategies for Success to Boost Your Effort

Start the Road to Success

Now, everyone is going to have their own strategies for success as they grow. Which means what works for me, might not work for you. However, these following tips are things I’ve found to be influential since I began as a freelancer.

Perhaps some of them may work for you as well.

1. Dump the Negative Mindset

First, and foremost, dump the negative frame of mind about yourself and your abilities. This is a difficult one to overcome, especially for someone like me. You see, I suffer greatly from “Impostor Syndrome.”

This is when you never think you’re good enough and those around you will discover you’re a fraud. Even if there are mounds of evidence to the contrary, you’ll still feel as though you’re not good enough for the job.

In any case, you need to get rid of any negative feelings you have about yourself or the task you wish to complete.

2. Create and Maintain a Realistic Schedule

The second part of having good strategies for success is making sure your day is well-planned. But, you need to be realistic with yourself and your capabilities.

Too many people will bite off more than they can chew. So make sure you’re giving yourself ample time to get things done.

Sometimes, this requires a bit of trial and error to find a good groove for yourself.

3. Have a Professional Mindset

As a freelancer, blogger or even YouTuber, you need to have a professional mindset. Treat all of your projects like the career paths they are. This is especially true for those who work closely with clients.

Having a professional mindset helps keep you in a positive frame of mind as well. In fact, I go so far as to get dressed in business casual attire even when working from home.

Because I need to feel the part to help me act the part.

No working in my pajamas here…

4. Set Obtainable Goals Every Day

Setting goals is one thing…but setting goals you can achieve is another. Too many people will try to reach for the stars only to stumble. You can reach for the stars, just make sure you have your feet firmly planted.

In other words, be realistic with yourself. The only one you’re in competition with is you.

For example, I keep track of the amount of time and words I work on any given day. Then, tomorrow’s goal is to simply surpass those numbers.

When you start achieving smaller goals, you start to feel that sense of pride I was talking about earlier. This helps build momentum and gets your own snowball rolling down the hill of greatness – as corny as that may sound.

5. Eliminate Your Distractions

When working as a freelancer, especially from home, it’s incredibly easy to get sidetracked by distractions. Part of your strategies for success should involve keeping yourself focused on the job.

For me, it’s YouTube while sitting at my desk.

Even a short break can turn into a 12-hour, binge-watch-fest of your favorite show, game or anything else that pulls you away from what needs to be done.

6. Exercise in the Morning

Part of my strategies for success involves getting the blood pumping in the morning. And not simply because I am trying to lose the last of my weight.

Getting the blood flowing to the brain improves cognitive abilities. This means you’re more focused, can process information better and are less stressed.

In reality, Harvard even did a study about how students learn better while walking on the treadmill.

Speaking from experience, I know I feel a lot better on days when I work up a sweat first thing in the morning. I get more done and seem to maintain a clearer frame of mind for what I need to do.

7. Always Keep in Practice of Your Skill

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, artist or even Uber driver, the more practice you get in, the better. This helps hone your overall skills.

If you’re a freelance writer, do some blogging. If you’re a photographer, take some pics of things that interest you. And if you’re an Uber driver, master your skills of the road and learn the streets you drive.

Any practice you get in that is relevant to your freelancing career will benefit you.

8. Get in the Habit of Doing More

One thing a lot of people struggle with, including me, is getting into the habit of doing more. Once you can create that path, though, you’ll find it a great boon to strategies for success.

The hardest part is finding the motivation and putting in the effort to do so.

For some people, it could take a few days to form a positive habit. For others, it may even take years. But you need to keep trying if you want to become better than you are today.

9. Hold Yourself Accountable

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most pertinent to freelancing, is to hold yourself accountable. When working from home, you don’t have a boss standing over your shoulder or anyone else prompting you to pick up that order in Textbroker.

This is one of the hardest parts of creating strategies for success because you know deep inside you don’t have that accountability factor.

However, you need to find a way to keep yourself accountable if you truly want to achieve success.

Creating Your Own Strategies for Success

The amount of effort you put into anything is going to determine whether it’s successful or not. Simply sitting back and waiting for something “awesome” to happen just isn’t going to cut it, especially if you want financial freedom.

Create your own strategies for success, but make sure you put in the effort to back them up.

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