I initially created PracticallyLivingGreen.com as an experiment to see if “expert” tips really help bloggers make money. Theoretically, I should be able to make $10k from this site by the end of the first year.

However, I’m not convinced that a lot of these tips will work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll attack the process with gusto. But some methods these website experts want you to use are just not very…practical.

For instance, if you have a full-time job, writing more than 3,000 words worth of high-quality and well-researched content is going to be exceptionally difficult.

And you have to do this for 90 days straight?

Sure, anyone can slap some words together to form a blog post. But, true success lies in being able to engage an audience and keep them coming back.

What is PracticallyLivingGreen.com?

For this experiment to work, I needed to find a topic that I’m genuinely interested in exploring. As I’ve always been a fan of eco-friendliness and greener living practices, this felt like a good niche for me.

After all, if you’re not interested in what you’re writing, the quality is going to suffer to some degree.

PracticallyLivingGreen.com is me trying to bridge the gap between right and left-leaning people. It’s built on the premise that you don’t have to believe in climate change or global warming to benefit from living a greener lifestyle.

Not only is it good business practice, but it can help you save money and live healthy.

For example, I only cook what I intend to eat. I rarely have left-overs of anything in my fridge. And because I am conscientious about what I eat, I save money at the grocery store, generate less trash, get a balance of nutrition, and have lost more than 80 pounds.

And no, I’m not on any special diet. I just eat far less compared to what I used to consume. I also make my own microwave dinners by cooking in bulk.

What Kind of Content is On PracticallyLivingGreen.com?

Essentially, I write about the practical reasons why anyone would want to live a green lifestyle. From health and fitness to saving money, I demonstrate how you don’t need to be a tree-hugging hippie to appreciate a sustainable existence.

Although I’m not a fan of news-type articles, I do cover a few things that pique my interest. Personally, I prefer using evergreen content to generate traffic over the long-term.

But until I can build momentum on the site and appear in search results, I might have to consider using more news and trends.

For instance, I recently created a piece that shows 12 practical ways a small business can be more green. But, I also covered how Xcel Energy is moving to be carbon neutral in the next couple of decades.

A Slow Start to the Site

I started the experiment as part of a YouTube series back in January of 2020. Unfortunately, life and global events have made it difficult to keep the site maintained like it needs.

However, I’m finally giving it the go that it should have had months ago. So, I can only really track its progress from the moment I started pumping out content.

Everything else, such as setting up web hosting, installing WordPress, and adding favorite plugins would take less than two hours, total.

The hardest part is making sure I have a constant flow of good content coming out of the site. After all, I’m also working on four other blogs, YouTube channels, and a Twitch channel.

And all of this on top of what I do for GreenGeeks.

Needless to say, my day is pretty damn full.

I Still Have a Long Way to Go

In reality, the site “started” in August 2020. So, if I stick with the “expert” tips I see on YouTube and in Google, the site should generate around $10k by August 2021.

I have high hopes, but I’m not really holding my breath. None of my sites have made that much. Then again, I really haven’t dumped in the quality time they need to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love my sites to generate that much in a 12-month period. I just don’t see how it’s possible for someone like me who has another job to replace a full-time income with a blog in a short period of time.

But, that’s what PracticallyLivingGreen.com is all about. Can I create a website that is a money maker if I actually put in the effort?

We’ll see. At any rate, I love doing the research for the articles and quite enjoy the niche. So, even if it doesn’t pan out, I’m probably going to keep the site going.

Here’s to a Successful Year!

The point to all of this is to demonstrate that it takes more than what some of these “experts” say to succeed. If no one wants to read the content or you’re a poor writer, no tactics or tips are going to save the site.

Still, it would be awesome if all five of my blogs brought in the bare minimum of what experts say a site can generate.

So, let’s keep hope alive and see what I can create. I have a long way to go.