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One thing I get asked a lot on videos is if I have experience with Kindle Direct Publishing. Or, if I have eBooks viewers can buy. And although my time is often limited, I decided to push out a new project using KDP.

It won’t be a massive book. Essentially, I’m going to put out an autobiography of my experiences as a freelance writer and how I got to where I am today.

This includes battling depression, impostor syndrome, and what I did to become the success I am today.

And if you’re curious to follow my progress, I put out weekly updates for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

Why Start a New Project?

I know what you’re probably thinking. “With all the things I have to do throughout any given week, why the hell would you start another project?

That’s a fairly logical question. And it’s one that I’ve been asking myself over the past few days.

In reality, this new project for KDP is actually working towards my end goal: to be a published author. Plus, it works to improve a variety of things for WriterSanctuary.

Inspire Me to Finish My Other Projects

First of all, I’m hoping that publishing something that anyone can buy and read will prompt me to keep up the momentum. Perhaps completing a project will inspire me to continue.

I don’t expect to make tons of money or gain a lot of exposure or popularity on KDP. One of the key elements I’m looking for in this project is inspiration.

Although I should be spending more time working on VII, at least I can say that I finished something.

Giving Me Several Blog Posts

Even though I don’t have a shortage when it comes to writing content for, this new project will give me a chance to write a few blog posts.

I love writing down my experiences using certain platforms. It’s how I created the popularity of to begin with. And going through the process of self-publishing will give me more to write about.

Not to mention the fact that several people have already expressed interest in the topic.

Content for Several YouTube Videos

Speaking of interested people, I’ve been asked several times in the live streams if I’ve had experience with KDP. In fact, it was brought up again last week.

So, getting something published can work to boost the blog as well as the YouTube channel. In fact, I could probably turn the process into a series of videos for the channel.

In reality, that’s one of the things I want to be known for…self-publishing help.

Something I Can Give to Buy Me a Coffee Supporters

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is come up with ideas for Buy Me a Coffee supporters to make memberships worth $5 per month. And so far, the only thing I’ve been able to do is a Sunday update post.

Once I get this new project published and up on KDP, I can hand out discount codes or free copies for supporters.

Does this mean I’m going to crank out a new eBook every month? Doubtful. I simply don’t have the time. But, putting out what I can when possible is more of a bonus for supporters than nothing at all.

Perhaps It’ll Help Someone

Although I doubt I’ll make it big on KDP with this new project, perhaps it’ll still help someone. By showing the trials and tribulations I face as a freelance writer, maybe someone can gain insight into their own experience.

I’ve been known to motivate people in the past. And apparently, I do an OK job at giving pep talks to people who doubt themselves.

So, if the eBook helps just one person, then I’d call it a successful sale.

No, I’m Not Giving Up on VII

The biggest reason I’m putting effort into this new project as opposed to finishing VII is because of time. This new book is a much shorter read and is ultimately easier to put together.

First of all, I still need to finish writing the final chapter of VII. Then, I need to rewrite the entire book before I even think about publishing.

This means it’ll take several months, if not a year or so, to get VII ready for KDP.

The new book is simply to get the ball rolling for myself, several pieces of content for visitors and fans, and to get the momentum going for being a published author.

Don’t worry, I’m not rushing it out the door for the sake of getting it published. I’ll be just as anal about quality for this as I am for the blog posts.

Perhaps what I should do is set some production goals for VII. Adding the progress bar on this website has been an inspiration to keep writing. Maybe adding one for VII will light a fire under my ass.

In either case, I’m still planning on publishing VII this year.

Aiming for 50 Pages…ish

I’m not a fan of setting word or page count goals for writing books. I usually write until the story is finished. But, I am aiming for at least 50 pages for this new project.

I don’t think I’ve lived a riveting life as a freelancer. But, I did learn a lot since 2012.

I guess if the story isn’t finished by page 50, then I’ll just move the goal post.

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