My Morning Exercise Routine

At my biggest, I weighed over 300 pounds. I really didn’t notice how large I was getting, but did feel its effects. After being unable to climb a slight hill, I decided it was time to get into a morning exercise regimen. But, it went far beyond fat burning.

In reality, I just feel so much better on days I work out. Which is funny in a way; I used to think to myself how I would never become one of those fitness people who purposely pushed to sweat every day.

The sad truth is, more of us should. And not because we’re considered obese or unattractive to many. It’s all about health and staying alive for as long as possible.

When my heart stopped in 2016, I figured it was time to really get serious about not letting that happen again.

Why I Enjoy My Morning Exercise Routine

Slimming down is only one side effect of keeping active. In all actuality, there are so many more benefits of working out. And I’m not talking about visiting a gym every other day.

There are plenty of things you can do around the house. For instance, I lost 80 pounds mostly by playing games on the Xbox Kinect. And yes, I can burn more calories in 30 minutes playing the Xbox than most people at the gym.

So, what are some of the benefits to a morning exercise routine that I’ve experienced over the last several years?

Getting Blood Flowing to the Brain

Being a work-at-home, freelance writer, my brain is the most important organ in my body. Without a clear focus, the ability to process information, and being able to handle stress, I wouldn’t be much of a success.

Exercise gets the blood flowing, obviously. The more blood you have flowing into your head, the better the brain performs overall. This includes memory, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

I know I have a far easier time writing or editing after a good morning workout.

Helping to Stave Off Pandemics

There is a lot of evidence that supports how exercise helps boost the immune system. Which is probably why the healthier-looking people are also the ones you don’t see lining hospital hallways most of the time.

And this year, of all years, having the best chance for survival is paramount.

Now, I’m not saying that a morning exercise routine will make you immune to COVID-19, or even the common cold. But, it will vastly improve your chances of staving them off.

Gamifying Fitness

One thing I like to do to keep me motivated to exercise before writing or editing is gamifying the experience. When you make something fun, you’re more likely to continue…including working out.

I mentioned I play the Xbox Kinect. But I also love tracking personal records and seeing if I can break them. I geeked out pretty hard when I broke my previous record of 8 push-ups by doing 22.

Hey, we all start somewhere. My point is finding something fun is what kept me focused on losing the first 80 pounds.

Changing the View of “Dad Bod”

At one point, I had the bod of two Dads. But, I want to change the perception of what people view as “Dad Bod.” Not because I want to impress the public, but because I don’t want to embarrass my kids.

I know my children really don’t care about what I look like. However, I don’t want to live with the stigma of a stereotype behind what a man should look like in his forties after raising six kids.

Yeah, the stress is real…as is the cortisol.

Curious What I Would Look Like with a Six-Pack

I’ve never seen what I look like as a fit adult. And if anything, I am incredibly curious as to what I actually look like without all the extra mass.

To get a laugh, I’ll tell people I’m trying to “Magic Mike” myself. Google that reference.

What would I look like if I had a proper six-pack? I guess what drove that curiosity is seeing how actors and actresses change their body types rapidly for certain roles. Some can change their appearance seemingly at a drop of a hat.

And if I ever develop a six-pack, I doubt I would keep it for very long. I’m just not that committed to looking like an underwear model. But, I would like to see what it looks like just once.

Fighting Against Severe Depression

And one of the greatest benefits to having my morning exercise routine is staving off depression.

Back when I was a teen, I was labeled as manic depressive bipolar. Meaning, I have severe manic mood swings going up and down with incredible bouts with depression. And it’s been an issue my entire life.

Working out is a great way to combat this problem without being on medication. Do I still get depressed during a “down day?” Absolutely. But, it’s far easier to manage now that I’ve been working out.

A Morning Exercise Routine Does More than Just Burn Fat

Weight Stats Today

A vast portion of our population is considered obese. And thanks to people pushing the idea of “body positivity,” not enough of these individuals are caring about their health or that of their followers and fans.

Being overweight has less to do with your physical appearance as it does to keep yourself alive longer. You can be proud of what you look like, but that won’t prevent your heart from stopping.

For me, putting more effort into losing weight and improving eating habits literally saved my life. My morning exercise routines help me become a better writer, better professional, and better parent overall.

Your mental state is just as vital as your physical one. And being healthy isn’t about developing that swimsuit body or placating to someone’s idea of “sexy.”

It’s about staying alive.

My life has improved dramatically in a myriad of ways thanks to getting off my butt and putting in the effort. And I’m looking forward to what future improvements are in store by maintaining focus.

And I find it fitting that I am writing about this today as I want to see what I can do before my birthday, which is in exactly one month.

What’s Your Morning Exercise Routine?

Like I said, I love playing the Xbox Kinect. And although I was anti-gym for the longest time, I do find myself drawn more to lifting weights and such. Probably because I’ve gamified it by keeping track of my personal bests.

For me, life is all about self-improvement. I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, but my morning exercise routines will guide me down that path.

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