Making Videos from Phones

One of the reasons why I can’t get more done in terms of the blogs and YouTube channels is because of how long it takes for making videos. Some days I can crank one out in just under two hours, while other times it can take up to six. Is using the phone more ideal?

Sure, the production quality takes a massive hit. But with the popularity of TikTok and YouTube Shorts taking off, it may be a more viable option.

Especially when you’re trying to make a lot of things happen with exhausting time constraints.

Making Videos on the Phone

What seriously had me thinking about this recently is when I created the private video this week for Buy Me a Coffee supporters for WriterSanctuary. Although quick clips from the phone isn’t ideal for every channel, I have two that might benefit.

Especially since I haven’t done much for CrossingColorado’s channel in nearly two years.

Easy to Make…ish

If I make a video on the fly, it’s far easier in the long run. First of all, in that last quicky I made for BMC, I wasn’t worried about making mistakes. I also wasn’t really focused on a specific topic.

Essentially, I just hit the record button on the phone, talked, and then uploaded it to YouTube. I didn’t really add a thumbnail to that last one, which doesn’t take me very long to do anyway.

Still, it’s a lot easier to just whip out a three or four-minute video using this format than when I spend two hours setting everything up for the same length of a video on the computer.

Quick to Post

I also found that making videos from the phone was a lot easier to post to YouTube. Well, to an extent. It still took a bit of time to upload a short video over WiFi compared to the network I have on the PC.

Overall, I spent less time producing the content than I would on the computer.

Well, unless you consider having to type out the video title, description, and not having access to automated tools that make setting up the meta much easier.

I suppose I can just go back and re-write all of that information once the video goes live.

Require Far Less Processing Power

Most importantly, using the phone for making videos doesn’t require processing power from my computer.

Normally, I use Adobe Premier to add images, music, the intro and outro, and any other elements for video content. Then, I have to render that video for MP4 before uploading it to YouTube.

Unfortunately, this means my computer is processing the video while I’m also trying to work. And, I have to be careful as to what I do on the computer otherwise I risk corrupting the render.

I’ve done it before.

When the phone does all this for me, I can simply work without slowing down my productivity. This, alone, is worth making videos from the smartphone.

What Does This Mean for My Channels?

Because of the time-saving aspect, I am capable of getting more video content up on the channels. Well, at least for WriterSanctuary and CrossingColorado.

I’ll probably work the gaming channel into it as well. Especially if I’m out “playing in Colorado.”

The hardest part for me is simply remembering to do the damn videos. I suppose I can add them as a task in Asana so I don’t forget. Everything else is in the system.

At any rate, using the phone to make and upload video content will help me get more up on YouTube. The only problem is making sure it’s still something someone wants to watch.

That’s always a fear I have in the back of my mind with every upload. I just don’t feel like I’m doing a good enough job for my audience.

But, that’s a blog post for another time.

Guess I’ll Explore Phone Editing Options


I’ve never been one to really embrace the technology of smartphones. To me, they are often abused and take away from human interaction while promoting laziness.

But, that’s simply based on past experience. Any time we went to visit my brother and his then-wife, they would spend the majority of their time eyes glued to a phone screen.

It’s incredibly disrespectful when you ignore company for social media or mobile games.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to dive into all the options available if I want my blogs and channels to succeed. And this means…sigh…exploring what a smartphone can do for video editing.

I’m sure it’ll save me a ton of effort and time in some regards. I would just rather do everything on my 27-inch widescreen monitor than a 5-inch phone screen.

Still, when in Rome…

Making Videos Is the Easy Part

The easiest part is making the videos. The hard part is coming up with something people will want to watch related to my channels. Then again, that’s true whether I’m using a phone, my desktop computer, or just writing a blog post.

In the end, it’s all about listening to your target audience. And if they want bite-sized video content, then so be it.

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