Goals for June

So, the goals for May really didn’t pan out all that well. Most likely because I didn’t put in maximum effort. Granted, I had a few extenuating circumstances to deal with, but I could have put in more effort to get a few things done.

At least I was able to finish writing the first draft of my latest book, Shadows of Atlantic City. That was perhaps one of the more important goals, anyway.

The Goals for June 2024

OK, trying something a bit different this month. Instead of trying to publish a certain amount of content, I’ll focus mostly on time management. Well, outside of writing Fury, that is.

What this means is that I might publish fewer blog posts and videos, but they’ll be longer and of better quality. At least, that’s the idea.

40,000 Words Written in Fury

Throughout June, I’ll have four full “work weeks” available. If I stick with the live writing sprints on YouTube, I should be able to get 40,000 words in Fury before I start editing Shadows of Atlantic City.

That’s only 10,000 words per week, which isn’t out of my grasp. Each day, I’ve been averaging around the 2,000-word mark during the sprints. And since I publish the live sprints Monday through Friday, that’s an easy 10k.

That also means that I will be close to finishing Fury before the end of the month.

2800 Minutes for the Blogs

The way I figured out how much time I need for the blogs is a bit convoluted. Essentially, it’s six 2-hour blocks of time per week minus a few minutes for bathroom breaks and such.

These blocks of time are spread out across my four major blogs.

I didn’t want to focus too much on publishing new content, however. All four blogs have a lot of older pieces that desperately need polishing up or complete rewrites.

I doubt it’ll do much for Google’s algorithm. But at least the subscribers will get new updates throughout the week.

1440 Minutes for the Videos

I used a similar formula for establishing video minutes as I did for the blogs. Only in this case, I am using the solid 2-hour block of time three days per week. That’s because the videos take more time to produce than the blogs.

Keep in mind that this does not include the writing sprints. Technically, I log those as “book writing” blocks because that is what they are. The only difference is that I’m hitting the “Go Live” button on OBS.

Also, this doesn’t include the Monday live stream or the author interviews. The 1440 minutes for June is purely for the VODs that I upload.

I’m extremely close to earning ad revenue for the channel, finally. I would love to keep the momentum going, especially since Google has castrated the potential for the blogs recently.

Marketing Goals:

As there are a lot of facets to marketing, I’m just going to list out the basic things I want to try this month. Of course, I’ll be writing these down on my whiteboard in my office so I don’t forget.

But I’m almost positive I will at some point.

  • Share Kingmaker through Buffer at least once per week at different times.
  • Set up my account on Barnes & Noble.
  • Make at least one TikTok (before it’s completely banned)
  • Start working on Short video strategies specifically for the books.
  • Start looking for book events, expos, or conventions in the area.

Yeah…I’m almost 100% certain I’m going to forget one of these unless I write them down somewhere in my office.

Maximum Effort in June

June is going to be my month of maximum effort…in everything. Not only am I going to push myself to hit some goals for my writing career, but I’m also going to go all-in with my weight loss journey on CrossingColorado.com.

At the end of the day, success really comes down to the amount of effort put into a project. If you put in a half-assed effort, expect a half-assed result.

Time to dial everything to 11 and see what happens.

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