Making July Amazing

In terms of goals for this creator, June kinda blew up in my face. The positive, though, is that Grandpa is doing better and moving about on his own. So, things can kind of go back to normalcy.

I know what you’re thinking, though…”Isn’t chaos normal in your house?” The quick answer to that is, “Yes.” However, there are varying levels of chaos. Some forms of mayhem just occur once per day. It’s not often that I have to take two weeks to balance out the madness.

Eh…it’s all good. At least we didn’t lose anyone this time around.

What’s the Plan for Making July Awesome?

July is going to be the month, I can feel it. Then again, I say that about a lot of months before they start. I had some big plans for June, and look what happened.

It’s almost like the universe is constantly throwing things in my path to see how I deal with them. Am I in a real-life version of the Truman Show? Are they getting better ratings when things go south in my life, or what?

Anyway, before folks start thinking I’m some kind of conspiracy theorist nut-job…

New Apps and Software to Test Out

I am looking forward to really giving World Anvil a thorough review. I plan on spending a week or two using the app, testing it out, taking some notes, and whipping up a blog post and video. And if it works out as I hope, you can expect to see some regional maps in the future books of The Witcham Chronicles.

In fact, I plan on adding a regional map to Kingmaker once I write the “Remastered” version of the book.

A visitor to brought up a new writing app to test out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free version and its trial is only seven days long. So, I plan on setting aside a week that I can spend testing it out as fully as possible.

I’m also looking for more writing apps and tools to add to my ever-growing list on WriterSanctuary. The goal is to build one hell of a resource for everything related to self-publishing and blogging. And since I am doing all of this myself, it’ll take a moment or two.

More Videos Based on Viewer Suggestions

I’ve had a few viewers bring up a few ideas during the Monday night live streams for future videos. In fact, I had one of them planned and scripted before the Father’s Day event happened.

I’m hoping to reclaim some of the watch time I lost due to recent events. I am so close to qualifying for ad revenue on YouTube, but taking a two-week hiatus kinda killed the momentum.

Anyway, I’m always happy to answer questions in videos or share my thoughts on a topic suggested by a viewer. This week, I’m answering someone with things to avoid when writing a first draft. It’s essentially based on what I’ve learned after writing the first draft of four books.

If there is something you’d be interested in knowing, feel free to comment. I’m open to most realistic suggestions and ideas.

Before you ask, no, there will be no “hot tub” video this month.

Getting the Blogs on a Semi-Regular Routine (Still)

I’ve been trying to get into the mindset of having the Summer of Effort. This is part of my 12-week health and fitness challenge…putting in the effort to call it a challenge. The idea was to put as much effort into my writing and being a creator as I do for weight loss.

Well, outside of taking two weeks off to deal with a metric ton of shit.

Anyway, the idea is to get the blogs on a semi-regular schedule. This means some blogs will only get one post published per week while others might get two or three.

While the schedule probably won’t be what makes the Google algorithm happy, at least my subscribers will get consistent updates.

For July, let’s just see if I can get one post published per week on all five of my major blogs. It’s not like I ran out of ideas. On the contrary, I have a spreadsheet FULL of topics.

10K More of Fury and Editing Shadows

I plan on writing at least another 10,000 words in Fury before moving on to start editing Shadows of Atlantic City. Despite the past two weeks derailing some of my efforts, I still have the potential to publish three books this year.

Of course, as I’ve said before, that really depends on how much editing I have in front of me. Who knows? My beta readers might hate the entire book to the point where I would have to re-write it.

Nonetheless, I can still crank out another 10,000 words for Fury before jumping into editing Shadows this month. I would love to have Fury ready as a Halloween book, but recent events may have put that out of reach.

I’m still going to try, but I’m not going to commit myself to the date. It’s better to publish a well-written story than something that is blatantly rushed.

Losing 15 Pounds Minimum!

I would love to be 15 pounds lighter by the end of the month. That’s only three pounds per week, which I am perfectly capable of doing without starvation diets or being too restrictive.

As I said, it all comes down to the Summer of Effort and actually putting in the action to make it all happen. But I can tell ya this; the past couple of weeks have done a number on my motivation.

On the upside, my office is now in the basement. That means I have to walk up and down the stairs for coffee, food, breaks, and more. My ass is going to be solid steel by Halloween.

I Have My Work Cut Out for Me

July is going to be quite a busy month. With the books, blogs, and videos, there is quite a bit of content just waiting to be created. All that’s left to do is to create it.

The best part is that I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy creating various works. From the work I do with GreenGeeks Web Hosting to writing blog posts, I couldn’t pick a more enjoyable career for myself.

As they say, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work another day of your life.”

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