New Story Inspiration

As I was lying in bed last night, reading Night Shift and drinking my Sleepytime tea, I got a rush of inspiration. In fact, I nearly got out of bed to jot the idea for the new story down in my computer. But, I knew if I did that, it would defeat the purpose of trying to get some sleep.

Because I know me. If I started working on something that inspired me, I’d be up working on it for hours.

Besides, the tea was starting to kick in and I was getting a bit drowsy. So, I crossed my fingers in hopes that I would remember what I wanted to write this morning.

Yet, Another New Story Idea?

The reason why I want to work on the new story in Wattpad is because it’s essentially fan fiction. I’m a fan of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, and the idea is based on those mechanics.

It’s actually part of something I wanted to work on before. But Stephen King has a habit of really driving my creative juices.

The problem I’m having, though, is finding the time to work on the new story. After all, I have so much going on right now. Between managing five blogs, trying to get momentum going for three YouTube channels, and then trying to stream on Twitch, I’m still trying to balance it all.

By the time I’m done working for the day, I’m quite drained from staring at a computer screen.

If I can get things squared away throughout the day, I should be able to manage my progress. And that includes not stressing out if I miss a blog post one day. Especially since all of the blogs are progressing nicely during the start of 2021.

I think I’ll need to prioritize my day a bit differently, though. Perhaps if I set Wattpad as the first thing I work on after client work, I can get more creative pieces out there.

On the other hand, it’s the blog posts and YouTube channel that is driving my non-client income. I don’t earn anything from Wattpad.

What’s causing the issue today is how much I want to work on this new story. In fact, I’m trying to jockey my day around so I can. But alas, I’ve got way too much to do on a Wednesday.

What Does That Mean for VII?

I know that I keep threatening that I’ll finish VII. And it’s still a priority for the beginning of 2021. It’ll provide me with more blog posts and videos regarding how to self-publish.

But for some reason, this new story is really stuck in my head.

It’s not an overly long tale. I’m debating on just starting a new project in Wattpad specifically for short stories. This way, I can just push out things that jump into my mind while still working on VII.

Besides, some of my favorite books are collections, such as Night Shift.

Unfortunately, that means I’ll be one of those authors who never finishes a project. Sigh…sometimes I wish my brain would simply focus on one thing at a time. It would be nice to finish something for once.

Yep, Going to Focus on Prioritizing Creativity

After blogging about this, I’ve decided to prioritize creativity. Instead of merely trying to find time to work on my stories, I’m scheduling it as the first thing I do once client work is done for the day.

Unfortunately, this might mean I’ll miss a few published blog articles for the day. But if I can get a bit ahead, I should still manage to get a decent flow of content going on all the blogs.

Perhaps I can get caught up on the weekends. I can write a few posts, schedule them, and then not stress about missing publishing deadlines throughout the week.

As it stands, I’ve already finished WriterSanctuary’s content for the week on Monday. I just need to get the other blogs to follow suit. But, that is a lot of content for one man to write.

I hope I can get to a point where I can hire an extra writer or two.

At any rate, I’m changing my scheduling around again for 2021. I should have set creativity as my priority to begin with. I just also need to make sure my bills are paid and my goals are being achieved.

Well, outside of writing one million words. Working on Wattpad counts towards that particular goal.

I Really Hate Multitasking

I’m pretty excited about this new story idea. I just really hate multitasking in this fashion. As I said, it leads to never getting anything really finished. Just once, I would love to write the words, “The End” on something.

But in order to do that, I need to put in the effort to write. And prioritizing Wattpad will help me get to that point, I think. I just need to remember to set a timer.

Once I get writing, I can usually go for several hours at a time.

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