I started semi-permanently writing for GreenGeeks in February of 2017. This involved creating tutorials, blog posts and a variety of other content. Most of my work centers around WordPress, marketing and small business web hosting. And it’s been one of my favorite experiences thus far.

Nowadays, I am the Content Marketing Team Lead with a handful of writers under my management. Since taking the reigns, we’ve almost doubled traffic to the tutorial site as well as the blog itself in just over four months.

And when you think of this in terms of tens of thousands of visitors, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Working with GreenGeeks

When I began my freelance writing career, most of the articles I created for clients centered around computers and technology. Then, I started branching out into other topics that piqued my interest.

Eventually, I found I had a knack for web hosting, WordPress, marketing and business content.

Based on my skills, knowledge and client interaction, I was offered a position. This goes to show that when you’re incredibly easy to work with and provide exactly what the client needs, anything can happen.

I pride myself on delivering the best customer experience possible, which is why clients love working with me.

Sharing an Eco-Friendly Message

One of the things that resonated with me most about GreenGeeks is its eco-friendly platform. The company purchases 3x the energy used in data centers and puts it back into the grid through renewable sources such as wind farms.

As I’ve always been interested in renewable energy and the advancement of this kind of technology, I was excited to join the team.

A lot of people don’t realize just how much power goes into running a data center. It’s not just the servers that are being powered, but cooling systems as well. And if there is one thing that will suck the power like an electricity vacuum, it’s an HVAC unit.

So, in essence, GreenGeeks puts enough energy back into the grid to pay for three similarly-sized web hosting companies. Can you imagine if all web hosts did something similar?

Creating Tutorials

One of my primary jobs is to make sure we have detailed, accurate and easy-to-follow tutorials. It’s the biggest traffic-driving factor for GreenGeeks. And although we focus mostly on WordPress, you can find a few other system tutorials as well.

For instance, we have a handful of Joomla, Drupal and even Magento tutorials available.

I instruct my team to create the tutorials as I have in the past. Which means walking through the steps themselves while taking screenshots. And if a problem is detected during the process, we make a note of it.

This way, readers know what to expect and have a solution to how to fix the issue.

Developing Informative Blogs

Although the blog isn’t nearly as popular as the tutorial site, it’s still on the rise in terms of traffic. We focus on “green” news, ways to use WordPress, small business help and more related to an online presence.

For instance, three of our more popular posts in September of 2019 included:

  • The 10 Most Important HTML Tags You Need to Know for SEO
  • Top 5 Environmental Issues That Will Affect Your Business
  • 7 Free Ways to Quickly Grow Your Online Business

As you can see, we cover everything from search engine optimization to environmental concerns. In fact, our short article about the Amazon Rainforest Fire ranks 5th in popularity on the blog.

Going to WordCamps

In June of 2019, GreenGeeks asked me if I would be interested in attending WordCamps on their behalf. These are events centering around the WordPress community, which are full of information from site development to freelancing strategies.

My first camp was in Kansas City, and I immediately became hooked on the experience. It’s incredible to meet so many awesome people all with a common goal – to get the most out of WordPress and working for yourself.

So far, I’ve been to three…and I’m still getting used to being out in public.

You see, I’ve been a bit of a hermit for almost a decade and don’t really go out much. But since this is one thing about myself I wish to change, going to WordCamps has helped me unlock a lot of my potential recently.

I’ve even found myself striking up conversations with random people at the grocery store!

Unfortunately, I’m still having an issue vlogging my experiences in real-time. I guess I still feel odd talking to a camera in public. This is a bit funny when you consider I have more than 100 videos for WriterSanctuary where I talk into a camera on YouTube.

But it’s not the same. At home, I am the only one there recording the video. In public, everyone can see me. I’m a bit self-conscious about being in the public spotlight surrounded by others.

This, too, is something I need to get over and another element WordCamps are helping me overcome.

Content Marketing Team Lead

In May of 2019, GreenGeeks asked if I wanted to take over the Content Marketing Team Lead position. My then-manager moved on to manage the WordCamp events, which there are a lot of them, and I was the logical choice.

I have far more experience writing than my entire team put together, I know the system and I have experience in management.

Although I am still getting into my own groove for managing the content, we’re doing a great job. My team follows my directions without too much of an issue, I listen to their input and we’ve built a site that is growing in popularity.

It’s a team effort. After all, it’s their words and writing that draw in the audience.

I don’t get to write as much for GreenGeeks as I manage all of the content produced. But, sometimes I’ll flex my literary muscles on something far too advanced or just to help out when the workload is heavy.

Are YouTube Videos Coming Soon?

One of the things I’ve been pushing is getting more content on YouTube. Part of this is because I see how influential YouTube can be as I upload for all my brands.

We’re currently working on a strategy, and I hope we’ll have some awesome tutorials up on the GreenGeeks channel soon.

In reality, I love making video tutorials. There just seems to be more of a social engagement than merely blogging. This is especially true when you address others in the comment section or interact during a live stream.

Why I Moved My Websites to GreenGeeks

To put everything into perspective, I’ve been with GreenGeeks since the beginning of 2017 and only moved my blogs at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2019. I’m a believer in, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

I don’t use a company’s services or products just because I work with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a loyal worker. But I’m also a realist. It all comes down to, “Is this the best thing for me or not.” I’m the type of person who needs faith in a product before I endorse it. And I get that through actual implementation.

Unfortunately, my previous host was getting worse and worse by the month. It was to the point where it took nearly 20 seconds just to log into the back-end of my blogs.

Since I’ve been using GreenGeeks servers for the tutorials, I figured I would give the company a shot at hosting my sites.

I knew our servers were fast at GreenGeeks, but I had no idea how fast. I moved my sites over one-by-one while testing each on PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw how simply moving over reduced the speed of one of my articles by more than 10 seconds!

So you can say that GreenGeeks definitely proved to me that it was a worthwhile move of my websites. Maybe if I would have migrated in 2017, I wouldn’t be fighting Google as much to rank in search thanks to speed enhancements.

Future Plans with GreenGeeks?

At this moment in time, I have no intention of leaving GreenGeeks. I love my team, the staff is amazing, I believe in what we do and I whole-heartedly love my job.

And I can’t wait to see what we can do in terms of content and engaging a wider audience.