Extra Life 2020

Every year, I sign up to participate in Extra Life. In fact, it’s a driving factor in why I created ColoradoPlays.com in the first place. And even though 2020 will go down in history as a dumpster fire, I’m still looking forward to helping the charity any way I can.

It’s my goal to end the year on a high-note, come hell or high water.

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a charity organization where gamers help drive donations by using various platforms. Whether it’s streaming on Twitch, YouTube videos, or (as in my case) blogging, the money raised for Extra Life benefits the Children’s Miracle Network.

It is the aim of every participant to drive donations throughout each year to reach a monetary goal. But, the first weekend in November is when Extra Life hosts a 24-hour gaming event.

Each participant of Extra Life can choose a local organization of that network. In my case, it’s the Children’s Hospital of Denver.

Although we’re not nearly as popular as other streamers, we still do what we can. The blog donates about 30% of anything it makes throughout the year to the charity, except during the weekend in November. At which point, 100% of any monies generated are donated.

The rest of the money I make currently goes back into buying things for the blogs or used in silent charity auctions.

Why Do I Participate in 24hrs of Gaming?

I was turned on to Extra Life shortly after my own visit to Children’s Hospital. My little girl was having a severe asthma attack and her oxygen levels plummeted.

It’s a crazy feeling as a parent to actually watch your child’s lips turn blue.

After a very stressful few days, she made a full recovery. And the people at Children’s Hospital were simply amazing. Ever since then, I’ve done what I could to help with various donations.

As I very much enjoy video games of all kinds, it seemed only fitting that I become a part of Extra Life. After all, it’s a gamers charity with an incredible purpose.

Especially in the current state of the world where health care costs are rigged for shareholders.

Can’t Do 24-Hours Straight Anymore

I don’t know if it’s age creeping up on me, or if my life is simply too chaotic, I just can’t do 24 hours of gaming. Perhaps it’s more of a mixture of both.

At any rate, I am streaming on ColoradoPlays’s Twitch Channel from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, November 7th and 8th. Everyone’s schedules here are just a bit screwy.

But, since Extra Life is technically a weekend event, breaking up the 24 hours into easier segments is still beneficial.

What Are We Playing?

Since I have no idea who is joining me for what, it’s almost impossible to decide what we’ll play during the Extra Life event. The trick is to find something that I can sit and play for several hours at a time.

And really, there’s no shortage of those. I have several that I thoroughly enjoy. However, most of them are single-player titles. I’m sure the girls will want to do some Minecraft or perhaps Don’t Starve Together.

We might even attempt some GTA V heists…notice I said “attempt.”

But regardless of what we choose to play, I’m sure we’ll have a great time. And hopefully, we’ll generate some revenue for Extra Life in the process.

What Are Your Plans for the Weekend?

So, if you’re not doing anything this weekend, feel free to stop by. Even if it’s just to say, “hello,” we are quite sociable. In fact, I thrive on viewer interaction.

The Extra Life event is something I look forward to all year. And after everything in 2020, I’m sure we can all use a break.

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