Crossing Colorado Blogging Experiment

So, I didn’t meet my goals last month for writing a certain number of words. But, it wasn’t because I was lazy or forgetful. No, this time around, I had a lot of other stuff that needed to be done. Now that some of that stuff is out of the way, I’m doing another experiment for blogging.

This time, I’m going to push 30 days of writing for I am in the process of fixing this website up anyway, and part of that is to crank out some much-needed content.

So, How is this Blogging Experiment Gonna Work?

I’m a fan of goals and trying to surpass my personal records. And I figured today would be a good day to start a new experiment for blogging.

Now, this experiment isn’t overly difficult. In fact, it’s kind of simple compared to some of the other experiments I’ve done in the past.

1,000 Words Minimum!

First of all, I am going to focus on a minimum of 1000 words per article. Depending on the topic I choose for the day, I’m sure that I’ll go far beyond this count.

In reality, the minimum number of words you should focus on really depends on the type of content you’re creating and what the competition has in search.

Still, I want to make sure that I at least have the minimum.

Different Types of Content

In this blogging experiment, I’m going to write different types of content. This means it’ll be a mixture of reviews, listicles, personal journal entries, case studies, etc.

The idea behind this is to see what types of articles work the best for a health and fitness website. And although I can probably research it, the facts from other experts are focused on a more specific user base.

What will work best for my target audience? I hope to answer that question.

A New Article Published Every Morning

Every morning, I am going to have a new article published. So, by the end, there will be 30 new posts throughout the entire month of July.

This means I can write a few articles ahead of time and have them scheduled.

Since I’ll more than likely be heading to Utah by the end of the month to visit my grandma, scheduling will keep the flow going.

Still Working on Theme and Performance Upgrades

Aside from writing content, I still need to put a little bit of time into the site’s theme and performance. It’s not as slow as WriterSanctuary, but it’s not greased lightning like

This will be aside from the content I’ll write. In fact, it’s all part of my overall workweek.

Why the Blogging Experiment in the First Place?

Although I do use statistical information from others quite often, I rather like data that is tailored to my specific sites. And you really won’t know what works best until you run a few experiments of your own.

Determine If 30-Days of Blogging Helps Growth

I’ve seen a lot of experts tout how consistent blogging helps a site grow in terms of traffic. In the last blogging experiment, I really didn’t see a lot of forward movement.

Then again, that was based on a relatively new site that had very few articles, to begin with.

This time around, I’m using a site that has been up since 2015 with 543 articles. Though, I do need to spend a bit of time revamping some of that older content.

Keeping Me Motivated

And lastly, this blogging experiment for will help me stay motivated on two fronts.

  1. I’ll keep writing to help achieve my goals for the year… halfway through 2021 and I’m not halfway to one million. Time flies!
  2. I am working on losing the last of my weight. Blogging on helps me stay focused and motivated.

Of course, this is only the start. I actually have to stay motivated to keep doing what I do. But, blogging does definitely help.

How Does This Differ from My Last 30-Day Experiment?

Yes, I’ve done this before…for this website, actually. I spent 30 days writing every day. And while some articles did get a few visitors, the majority of the posts were lacking.

But, I wasn’t really expecting a massive boost, overall. I mean, seriously, what is this site really about?


It’s a Niche Site

Niche sites tend to perform better when it comes to search results in Google. It’s all about making the algorithm happy. And since is focused more on health and fitness, writing about such should do fairly well.

The last blogging experiment was kind of a hodge-podge of whatever I wanted to write about. This time, there is more of a theme in the process.

Losing weight.

I’m Seriously Working on Losing the Last of My Weight

Speaking of losing weight, I am serious about dropping the last 40 pounds. If I’m lucky, I’ll almost be where I was this time last year by my birthday, which is sad.

I gained more than 20 pounds since moving into my new house. And unlike most other people, I can’t blame it on the pandemic.

I’ve been socially distancing since 2002.

But anyway, blogging helps me focus on the topic of which I’m writing. In this case, it’s about losing weight and getting healthier overall.

Crossing Colorado is Monetized-ish

Unlike this blog, is, somewhat, monetized. Mostly, it’s Google AdSense and a few Amazon links. But, I’d love to see if I could generate a decent amount of money from the site.

I’m not expecting to make thousands of dollars by the end of the blogging experiment. But, I am going to see if there is a significant difference in revenue after writing so much and sprucing up the site.

It Starts Today!

The first post went out a couple of hours ago. I’ll spend some time today looking up topics and things I want to write about, and then probably work on tomorrow’s post so I don’t forget.

I’m kind of excited to see where this experiment in blogging goes. Especially since the site is established and still has a couple of high-ranking articles.

I guess we’ll see where the next 30 days takes the site.

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