As I noticed how my videos on WriterSanctuary became suppressed after publishing Despair, I decided to set up a channel specifically for being creative. Now, I can use Create Sanctuary as an outlet without WriterSanctuary’s videos getting sunk.

And I know how some people say that changing things up on your channel doesn’t affect the YouTube algorithm. But speaking from experience, I’ve noticed a massive difference in video impressions and viewership because of the creative videos.

In other words, my freelancing content wasn’t being displayed nearly as often when I started producing the audiobook.

What is Creative Sanctuary?

I wanted something closely related to WriterSanctuary but different for YouTube. With Creative Sanctuary’s YouTube channel, I’m free to be as creative as I want without worrying about what the algorithm will do to WriterSanctuary’s viewership.

Not to mention how some people who watch my videos might not appreciate the creative aspect.

In a nutshell, it’s a home for my works that go beyond freelance writing. Because in reality, that’s what I want out of my writing career. I want to be more than just a ghostwriter or WordPress tutorial creator.

I enjoy being creative and coming up with new stories or skits. Though, I haven’t really done much of the latter. I’m incredibly shy, and trying to view myself as an actor is a bit much, I think.

Still, the channel lets me explore a myriad of possibilities without affecting the work I’ve done for WriterSanctuary.

What Can You Expect on Creative Sanctuary?

Currently, it’s home to the Despair audiobook that I’m writing and featuring on Wattpad. It’s a fantasy tale that I read aloud while adding background sound effects.

Essentially, I wanted to recapture the storytelling of the early 1900s radio shows.

As soon as I get a decent camera, I plan on uploading short comedy skits. I like the style of Julie Nolke and Ryan George, but I’ll try really hard not to outright copy these talented people.

I also have plans to do some parodies of popular songs. Though, they’ll be centered around writers and being an author. The first one I have planned is going to take a bit of setting up, though.

That’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and want the video quality to be perfect. However, the ideas I have rolling around in my head are going to make for some great video content.

At least I hope they will.

Creative Sanctuary Is More of a Fun Outlet

At this moment, I have no plans on beefing up Creative Sanctuary outside of just being a fun outlet for me. It’s a platform that lets me use my imagination more while not focusing on driving viewers.

Sure, I’d love people to stop by and check out the channel. However, I’m not actively pushing it as a brand.

I just want to have more fun, is all. And this new channel lets me do it without hurting the audience base on the other channels. Who knows, though, it may turn out to be something amazing down the road.

Now, I Just Need Some Time

As with everything else I’m involved with, I just need a bit of time to put into being more creative. I’ll continue with Despair videos every Saturday night, but there is more I want to do.

In any case, it’s incredibly fun to make these videos.

And thank you, Chris, for helping me get Creative Sanctuary rolling with the Despair videos.

Currently, I am running a series called, “Despair” on the channel. Here is the playlist if you’re interested in an audiobook read by yours truly.

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