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I had a feeling this would happen. Coming up with content for the Vocal blog experiment is going to be difficult. But, not because I am suffering from writer’s block or can’t come up with 39 good ideas.

It’s because of how I write content for any platform.

The Issue with Ideas for Content on Vocal

I always put in the best I possibly can into every piece of content I create. And although this is a good practice to get into, it’s also difficult when running an experiment such as this.

And it’s probably not that big of a deal for some. But for me, the following weigh heavily with each idea I plan out.

I Want to Keep it for Myself

The biggest problem for me, and why I haven’t spent much time creating content for Vocal, is that I want to save some of these posts for myself. Instead of putting them on a free platform, why not just write them for the blogs I’m trying to build up?

I guess technically, these posts are still mine. I’ll make a few bucks and my name is tied to the article.

I don’t want the blog to have exact content. This means I’ll need to come up with a different way to spin the keyphrase if I want to see which platform pays more for specific topics.

In reality, I’m an expert at this sort of thing. But I still feel like I am shortchanging my blog by not giving it some of these ideas.

Trying to Get a Good Comparison for Data

The whole point of this experiment is to see how much money you can make creating content for Vocal as opposed to a self-hosted blog. And to get the best data possible, I’ll need to compare similar content.

So, if I write an article about why I still play the Xbox Kinect in 2021 to lose weight on Vocal, I’ll need something similar on the blog. That way, I can see which one garners more traffic and income.

I was thinking about writing a few Vocal posts based on past articles on CrossingColorado. But, the site traffic might still skew the data, especially if I revamp the pieces.

Those posts have already been crawled by Google and are indexed. This means there is a slight advantage for existing content.

Perhaps I Should Write in a Different Niche?

I was thinking about blogging in a unique niche to the sites I own. But, that would be somewhat defeating the purpose of this experiment. I want data that compares similar niche posts to see what method makes more money.

When the experiment is over, I’ll probably explore different niches to see which is more profitable on Vocal. That, in itself, might be worthy of another experiment.

But the content in Vocal needs to be similar to something I have on a live blog.

I’m still thinking the next time I do an experiment like this that I should create a completely new website and Vocal account. For now, let’s stick to what I have time to maintain at this moment.

Not Sure How the Experiment Will Play Out

I already have a feeling that a lot of the data is going to be skewed in this experiment. After all, I’m pitting the Vocal account against an established blog. But, until I have more time to manage yet another new website, this will have to do.

Still, this experiment is going to provide me with a few blog posts and videos about creating content on Vocal and how much it can pay out. So, even if the experiment is inconclusive, I’ll still have quite a bit to create.

No matter what, I win.

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