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Kingmaker: The Witcham Chronicles, Book 1

 Author: Michael Brockbank  Category: Dark Fantasy  Published: October 9, 2023  Formats: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover  Tags: kingmaker |  Get Yours Today!

Kingmaker is the first book in The Witcham Chronicles, a dark fantasy series with adult language and situations. Reader discretion is advised.

Not all kings are promised power at birth. Some will lead a long life before such leadership is handed to them.

Diemos, an ex-soldier and drifter, thought he accepted a routine courier job to make a few gold. However, the quest was anything but “routine.” Instead, he found himself at the center of a growing darkness from beyond the grave. After reconnecting with a friend from his past, they set out to prevent that darkness from consuming the realms. Can Diemos and his band of rangers prevent the destruction of Witcham and the nearby lands?