Planning Videos for YouTube

Setting up a routine schedule for content is great if you’re trying to engage an audience. People like it when you’re regular with the uploads. So, ways to streamline content are always ideal. And planning videos is definitely something that should be scheduled.

I can’t tell you the number of times when I tried to just hit “record” without having a proper flow laid out. The video feels disconnected, disjointed, and sometimes, disturbing.

Sure, there are some who can just crank out whatever is on their mind. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Instead, I see a lot of value in planning videos ahead of time. It makes the entire production process so much easier and far less time-consuming. At least, it does for me.

5 Benefits for Planning Videos in Advance

Keep in mind, these are benefits that I’ve experienced first hand. Every creator is different and has varying production layouts. What one person might see as a benefit, another may see a hindrance.

You need to find a good flow for yourself if you really want to push out quality content for your audience.

So, what kind of benefits do I see when planning videos out well before hitting the record button?

1. Less Time Recording

When I have a flow planned out, I often spend less time recording. Which is a bonus, as you can see with my videos. There’s a reason I do a lot of jump cuts.

But when I can see each point I want to cover, it’s easier to go from one to another without sitting and thinking of what to say next. For me, sitting like this often leads to rambling. The end result is a lower quality video.

2. Planning Videos for Better Quality of Information

This benefit goes along the lines of taking less time. When you plan out what you want to say, you’re more apt at remembering key points of the topic. Especially if you start planning a week in advance.

This way, you can add or subtract points throughout the week. The result is a more informative and thoughtful piece regarding the subject matter.

3. Less Stress About Time Constraints

One of the biggest reasons I try to plan videos is because I am pretty busy nowadays. If I can spend a bit of time in the evening or weekend planning out future content, I’m less stressed about the work I do during the week.

Keyphrases, topic material, screenshots, and more can all take a lot of time. So, I try to use the same process when planning videos as I do with blog posts.

4. Easier to Keep Focused Throughout the Week

There have been a number of days when I stress out about what to create during the week. What video am I making today? How much time do I need? Can I hurry this client piece so I have time to plan?

It’s so much easier to have the videos ready to record before the week even starts. Then, I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing and can relax while working on my client’s content.

5. Remembering Ideas for Future Reference

Perhaps another of the more important benefits to me for planning videos is remembering what I want to cover in future topics. I have a terrible habit of forgetting some amazing points.

For this, I have a spreadsheet in Google Docs open most of the time with my content ideas. If I come up with a new topic throughout the week or have an idea, I can quickly jot it down so I can research it later.

Where to Get Ideas When Planning Videos

Getting ideas to create a video isn’t much different than it is for a blog post. In reality, it’s still content but in a different format. Instead of writing on a blog, I’m filming myself in an office.

And if you get a good flow for yourself, you can come up with an endless stream of ideas for an audience.

When it comes to planning out videos, what are some ideas that have proven effective?

Viewer Comments

A lot of the ideas I get for future videos come directly from viewer comments. After all, who knows better about what they want to watch than the viewers themselves?

Of course, you need to keep it within reason. Every person watching your channel is different, and some might want a video that the majority might not want to see. But, you can always try to work in those lesser ideas withing a greater video.

Planning Videos from Blog Posts

I started creating videos directly from my blog posts. Start with the most popular posts that have the highest visitor and retention rates.

And technically, you don’t have to use your own blog for ideas. You can scour the Internet and get inspiration from other sites. Just make sure you’re not plagiarising the content.

Answers to Other Creators

Oddly enough, I’ve found a few videos to work well as a response to other creators. My video to Chris Desatoff regarding quitting Textbroker is among the more popular on my channel.

I don’t do this very often, though. Mostly, it’s if I am inspired by a message to add my own take or offer an opinion. And that’s only if the other video is relevant.

Planning Videos Around Current Trends

Sometimes, I’ll get ideas for planning videos regarding trends. Though, I try to focus more on evergreen content for longevity. However, Google Trends can be a treasure trove of video ideas.

It takes a bit more research depending on the topic, but the quality and engagement factors are worth the time if you have it to burn.

What’s in the News?

YouTube is full of news channels. I rarely use the news for WriterSanctuary in terms of planning out videos. But, most industries have a lot going on in the world. And sometimes you can get some great ideas reading up on today’s news.

Usually, I’ll use the news for blog posts for Crossing Colorado or gamifying fitness. There’s just not a lot when it comes to newsworthy material for freelance writing.

Recent Personal Experiences

Most videos I create are based on personal experience. Whether I’m trying out a new system for the first time or giving detailed tutorials on how I write, I’d say close to 99% of videos I make center on past experiences.

Part of this is because of the nature of the channel. I don’t promote, feature, or provide information on platforms or methods I don’t use myself. That way, I can deliver an informed opinion regarding the topic.

In other words, I don’t like talking out my ass. If something does work, I explain why. If it fails, I break down why it’s an issue.

Do you find it easy to Plan Videos Ahead of Time?

I know many who can seemingly whip up videos without much planning. And that’s OK. Whatever works for you is the best method. However, I know it’s greatly beneficial for planning videos out beforehand for myself.

In the end, it’s all about what works best to keep yourself productive throughout the week.

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