Being a Creator

I love being a creator. Doesn’t really matter if it’s blogging, writing, making videos, or sometimes, even drawing. But sometimes, I think I bit off more than I can chew. And lately, it’s been weighing heavily on me.

Unfortunately, I refuse to give up on anything. So, I keep pushing myself beyond my limits. It’s not always a good thing, especially on bad days when the stress level gets too high.

However, I’m constantly preaching to my kids, “Never give up, never surrender!” Wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite?

What Being a Creator Entails for Me

I wish I could say that I make these grandiose contributions to the world as a creator. The fact is, I’m not really all that popular. Not that popularity really matters to me much, mind you.

But, I have helped quite a few people along the way. Mostly through my Textbroker and freelance writing content.

And, I’ve answered a few WordPress questions here and there.

I suppose that’s mostly why I do what I do. If I can help just one person, then the effort is worth it for being a creator.

Trying to Maintain 5 Blogs

Right now, I am trying to maintain five different blogs. Unfortunately, only two of them are getting any real attention. That’s because I don’t have the time to dive as deep into the niches as I’d like.

So, why don’t I drop one or two? Because then I would feel like I’m failing. Not only myself, but anyone else who may have relied on the content in the past.

Apparently, I’ve inspired a few folks on all of the blogs, save for one…the green blog I created recently as an experiment.

I keep telling myself that I just need to organize my day better. But in practice, too many people require my input. My life seems far too chaotic at times, regardless of how much effort I put into scheduling.

Now, there’s no way I could blog once per day for all five websites. But if I can get to a point where I am at least ahead of schedule, even for one day, everything might fall into place.

Expanding into 5 YouTube Channels

Part of each blog is its YouTube channel. And really, the only channel at the moment that is getting at least a weekly video is WriterSanctuary. Not for the lack of trying, though.

I have the hardest time being a creator when it comes to YouTube. And that’s because it takes me anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 hours per video. And when you’re as busy as I am with clients and the blogs, I often don’t have that much time in the day.

I wish I was a better speaker. Then, I wouldn’t have to make so many edits.

The sad thing is that I really enjoy making videos. Whether it’s a vlog about weight loss, my gameplay of Minecraft, or showing someone how to use WordPress, I love being on camera.

There’s just not enough time in my day.

Twitch Live Streaming 3 Times a Week

I don’t really consider streaming live on Twitch as being a creator. Well, at least in my case. I figure since I’m going to play a game anyway, might as well hit the “Start Streaming” button.

In reality, streaming on Twitch is something that helps me relax. Not only can I enjoy a good game that I like, but sometimes I interact with viewers in a decent conversation.

So, it’s more of a way to be social without actually leaving the house. And when the world is on fire as a pandemic ravages the landscape, staying indoors is quite a bit safer.

Still, it would be nice to go out once in a while.

Still Working on My Novel

I keep threatening to finish my novel. In fact, Mom has been bugging me for months to get it done so we can be a family of authors. Unfortunately, it all comes down to a lack of time.

Especially lately.

I really do want to get it finished, though. I have so many other ideas rolling around in my head. But, I want to finish something for once before moving onto another project.

My best-laid plans always seem to take a back seat to life. Which happens far more often than it really should.

But, I’ll still keep trying to schedule time to work on VII. I think it has potential, after I spend a month or two editing the hell out of it. I started it back in 2016, and some sections are a bit cringe-worthy compared to how I write today.

And I Still Consider Adding More to Being a Creator

The craziest part of all this is that I’m considering adding more to my plate. For instance, I would love to do a podcast for WriterSanctuary. And, several viewers have expressed interest in something like that.

Out of everything I do, a podcast might be one of the easiest…especially since I would use the raw recording.

But if I added more projects to the amount of stuff I want to do already, I’d never have a social life in the real world. And finding Ms. Right isn’t going to happen sitting at my desk 16 hours per day, seven days a week.

Right now, I’d settle for an hour at the driving range at a nearby golf course.

Perhaps I should stabilize everything else first, and then consider the podcast. That’ll upset a few viewers, but it would save my sanity, I believe.

Being a Creator is Fun, But…

It is definitely not as easy as some might think. Especially when you go through the trouble that I do. I don’t just write for the sake of putting words together on a blog. Most of the time, it involves a ton of research.

At any rate, I’ll keep pushing to do what I currently am involved in. Perhaps someday, I’ll be able to put more time into those projects.

I suppose we’ll have to see.

Such is the burden of being me.

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