Behind Schedule

With a quarter of the year gone, I find myself a bit behind schedule to reach my goal of writing one million words in 2021. However, I’m not too far behind that I cannot catch up. This is still within reach.

Probably the biggest contributor to the low production in the last couple of months is due to trying to find more efficient ways to work. Needless to say, they kind of backfired.

That’s OK, though. Now I know what NOT to do.

Getting Out from Being Behind Schedule

As I said, I’m not too far behind from where I wanted to be by this time. It just means I need to get a bit more serious with focusing my time on the blogs and books.

With what I have planned and set in Asana, I should get back on track in the very near future. Especially if I’m doing this fitness-influencer experiment starting on Sunday.

A Lot of Content Planned for This Quarter

All four of my major blogs have pre-planned content. And, a lot of it might actually be good. To be honest, I’m exceptionally excited to start writing several of these articles.

Mostly because I love to learn new things. Some of these topics involve aspects I’ve never covered before, so those should be fun. Especially since I’ll be going over a lot of tools that I might use myself.

At any rate, I have quite a bit scheduled starting next week. I just need to make sure I put in the effort to make them all happen.

Moving Right Along with Despair and the eBook

I’m having a lot of fun writing and recording the Despair videos on YouTube. They’re a book reading of something I’m writing week-to-week while adding sound effects in the background.

The end goal is to create something similar to the early 1900s radio shows…just without having a cast. It’s a one-man show, essentially.

Plus, I am planning on having my first autobiography eBook ready before the end of the month. This is the book I’ll be using to experiment with self-publishing and all the stages involved.

This, alone, should provide a wide range of blog posts and videos for WriterSanctuary.

Getting Videos Scheduled Ahead of Time

One thing that is starting to pay off is having the YouTube videos published and scheduled ahead of time. It’s nice not having to stress to keep the channel moving forward. The goal here is to be at least a week in advance in case something comes up.

What I would like to do is get things as efficient for myself as I have for my writing team.

At any rate, it looks like I’ll be eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program by November/December. But if I push out something more people want to watch, it could be sooner.

Jumping Into Vocal’s Challenges

I want to do more on various blogging platforms such as Vocal, Hubpages, and Medium. I simply don’t have a lot of time with everything I’m doing. However, I do want to throw in my lot with the challenges on Vocal.

It’ll help me get out from being behind schedule while giving me a chance to win a few bucks. Besides, it’ll give me more articles on my account that might generate interest and income.

Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of challenges available for free users. And unless I start pulling in more than $10 per month on the system, I really can’t justify paying for the upgrade.

Getting it All in Asana

I’ll be spending the next few days getting everything planned out in Asana. This includes everything from the blog posts I’ll write to sharing on social media. Because I need Asana to remind me every day that I want to post on sites like Instagram.

Not to mention I need to start separating supporter content throughout the week for those who contribute to Buy Me a Coffee.

Because without this reminder, I know I’ll forget. I just have so much on my mind that things just seem to get put too far on the backburner. At this rate, the pot is on edge and ready to fall onto the floor.

Need More Sleep!

And lastly, I really need to work on getting more sleep. Well, at least some quality sleep. I need to remember that when my 8:45 alarm goes off, it’s time for some Sleepytime Tea. That’s because I know it works very well for me.

I just hope that soon I’ll be able to afford a new bed. This one is slowly killing me. I’m debating on getting a hotel room for a weekend just so I can get some rest.

At any rate, I need to figure out something soon. Constantly waking up with headaches, neck pains, and backaches because my bed is uncomfortable is getting old.

Still Ahead of More than I Did in 2020

Even though I’m a bit behind schedule, I’m still far ahead of what I did in 2020. As it stands, I’m on schedule to more than double the amount of words I pushed out last year.

Although one million words would be nice, at least I did better this time around. And that’s the real prize, here…being better than I was.

Any improvement is still a win, regardless if the ultimate goal is reached or not.

In reality, you’re only in competition with yourself. It doesn’t matter what I do, or what anyone else has done. It all comes down to what you can do to improve your station in life, whether it’s professional or personal.

And I plan on improving every aspect of myself this year. So far, we’re actually ahead of schedule in that regard.

I Have Miles to Go Before I Rest

There’s no doubt that I have a long way to go for hammering out everything into a cohesive flow. But, I’m getting closer every day…well, with the exception of my “experimenting” phases.

That’s OK, though. As long as I’m continuing to move with forward momentum, everything will continue to click into place.

Soon, being behind schedule won’t matter as I tackle all of my goals.

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