Become a Fitness Influencer

I recently ran a small poll on the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel as a bit of a joke. I asked viewers if I should become a fitness influencer. Feeling a bit hyper, I was working on how I can fix, my health and fitness blog. The results kind of gave me an idea.

I would experiment with becoming a fitness influencer!

Which is kind of funny if you know me, personally. However, after taking a bit of time really thinking about the prospect, I think it’s actually a good idea.

A Fitness Influencer? Really?

Fitness Influencer Poll

Of all things that I have an interest in, I never would have thought about being someone “known” for fitness. I haven’t lived the most fit life, after all.

But, that’s kind of the point of this little experiment. That it’s never too late to start caring about your physical and mental states. And something like this might actually light a fire under my ass.

Motivation to Get Into Shape

First, and foremost, running an experiment to become a fitness influencer is going to motivate me. I still have about 30 pounds to lose and usually find myself putting it off because I’m “too busy” throughout the week.

What if some of that busyness centered around building up CrossingColorado as a fitness brand?

Besides, it’s not like it’s adding something extra to my plate. I’ve already set aside time to rebuild CrossingColorado throughout the week. If it motivates me to get active, then so be it.

Helping to Fix Up CrossingColorado

As I said, it’s all about getting CrossingColorado back to where it was before the Google incident. By exploring the possibility of being a fitness influencer, I can kill two birds with one stone.

I have quite a few ideas about how to make it all work together, actually. Who knows, by this time next year, CrossingColorado could be getting more traffic than ColoradoPlays.

That all depends on my willingness to see this through, the content, and the audience.

The Fitness Industry is Worth Billions

Usually, I don’t focus on the money. I make enough to pay the bills and have a bit of extra each month. But, I would like to take my money further.

Since the fitness industry is worth billions, it only makes sense to jump on that bandwagon.

I mean, I’m already giving away a $150 gift card to Barnes & Noble at Imagine what I could do if there was more money to toss around.

So, How Am I Going to Become a Fitness Influencer?

OK, so, I am committed to this little experiment. This means I have a lot of work ahead of me. And, I am pretty sure I can handle it all from a perspective of productivity.

The fun part is doing research to come up with a strategy for success. Then, I need to fully commit.

Building Up Confidence

First off, I need to have a higher level of self-confidence. I’m still working on pushing through various stages of impostor syndrome, but I’ve come a long way.

If I want to be a fitness influencer, I need to sell the idea that I am. And that’s going to be the most difficult, I think.

I need to approach it the same way I do for freelance writing. Focus more on the 80 pounds I’ve lost so far and not really worry about being stagnant.

At least I haven’t put that weight back on.

Rebranding CrossingColorado a Bit

CrossingColorado is still going to be about getting into shape to cross the state of Colorado on a bicycle. But I think I’m going to rebrand it a little to include “fitness from a desk jockey.”

The idea is to show how even an aging person who spends 16+ hours per day tethered to a desk can still get into shape.

Especially for those who are riddled with depression, doubt, and eating disorders such as myself. After all, I know the struggles all too well.

Getting the Content Rolling Again

Obviously, I’ll need to get the content rolling again. I’m not sure exactly how much of an audience this type of material will attract. But, I know there are people out there like me who need help.

This is going to include both blog posts and videos. In fact, I’ve figured out how I can make a couple of videos per week for CrossingColorado without hindering the other two YouTube channels.

I just need to come up with something people will want to watch or read.

Getting Active on Social Media

And lastly, I need to get more active on social media. What fitness influencer doesn’t show off their abs, routines, eating habits, and what not on Instagram?

This is going to be another difficult aspect for me to grasp. I’ve never been very good at self-promotion. But if I want this experiment to work out, I vastly need to change my mindset.

Actually, I need to change the idea of self-promotion for more than just CrossingColorado. Not thinking I’m good enough has played a prominent role in holding me back.

I could be far more successful if I put the same amount of effort into myself as I do for my clients. It’s a bit depressing, really.

Is This a Serious Thing?

The idea behind this project isn’t to become some millionaire who shows of his abs every chance he gets. For the most part, I am just curious to see how difficult the process is from a beginner’s point of view.

And if it helps me pay a tad more towards the mortgage, all the better.

If anything, this little experiment to become a fitness influencer will help me focus to lose the last of my weight. Plus, it would be nice to shovel the sidewalk without my back being sore for the next three days.

I’m also curious to see how fitness videos compare to what I create for WriterSanctuary in terms of engagement and subscribers.

Since I love me some data, you can bet that I’ll be tracking the numbers in a spreadsheet. In reality, it’s going to help me create a few posts and perhaps a couple of videos about niche relevance.

In a nutshell, yes, this is a serious thing that I will explore as much as possible. At any rate, I might get some good insights and content out of the process.

Let’s See Where This Goes

That’s the plan. Do I have the capacity to turn myself into a fitness influencer? There’s a lot of research involved, and I need to come up with a great strategy for content.

This includes the blog, videos, and social media.

I guess this will be testament to how good I am in the long run. Can I make it happen, or will I just simply give up after a short amount of time?

I will have to be my own client. Let’s see what happens.

To help keep me focused, maybe I’ll blog about transitioning into a fitness influencer. Perhaps a new category on CrossingColorado?

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