Getting Into a Writing Groove

It’s amazing what I can get done when I actually put in the effort to follow my planned schedule in Asana. This week was relatively productive for the creative works I’ve been putting out, and I look forward to what I can accomplish next week.

It’s all part of taking myself more seriously as a creator. I get so wrapped up in client work that I often forget why I do all these things. I guess part of that is because my clients pay me exceptionally well and I don’t make but a dollar or two per day with everything else.

But that dollar or two per day won’t improve unless I do something to grow. It’s not just going to happen because I whisper such to the Universe.

Reworked Ads for Amazon

One of the most difficult parts of self-publishing, aside from editing, is the aspect of marketing. Because without a good marketing plan in place, you won’t sell a lot of copies of your book.

This week, I worked on revamping the ads on Amazon. It’s just one method I’m testing to see if it’s actually worth the investment. Sure, I could go by the experiences of others. But then it wouldn’t be a campaign regarding my book.

I’ll launch a new ad campaign on Monday to see if it makes a difference. Though, given the nature of A Freelancer’s Tale, I doubt it’ll have a lot of sales. It’s an exceptionally niche book.

Started My Inkitt Storyline

I wanted to test the waters of using Inkitt for a bit of creative work. It’s kind of like Wattpad, but it feels a bit newer. Well, at least with fewer stories available. I’m not sure if I like it more than Wattpad, to be honest.

But that’s the purpose of writing this new story on Inkitt, to begin with. I uploaded a First Look video recently, but I don’t feel comfortable writing a complete review of the platform until I fully publish this new story.

One thing that stands out is how their editors have to approve a chapter before it goes live on Inkitt. It didn’t take but a day, but it’s something Wattpad doesn’t have as a requirement before publishing.

Don’t worry, I’m making sure I get plenty of time writing Kingmaker in addition to this new tale.

Recorded and Uploaded the Next Episode of Despair!

I finally got Episode 20 of Despair uploaded, which should go live tomorrow at 6 pm mountain time. The tentative plan is to write each episode on Monday, record and upload them on Wednesday, and schedule them to publish on Saturday.

Then, I copy the text version over to Wattpad and embed the video the following Monday morning.

Even though Creative Sanctuary has fewer than 10 subscribers, I really do enjoy making these. Though, I am looking forward to doing a few more creative things on the channel eventually.

For example, right now, I’m torn as to where to put my special Halloween recording…Creative Sanctuary or WriterSanctuary.

Ideas for NaNoWriMo

With NaNoWriMo November coming up, I am toying a few ideas to get the ball rolling, especially with Kingmaker. I want to finish writing the book so we can edit and publish it, but I am also looking forward to starting something new.

Perhaps I’ll set a goal to finish writing before November and then spend NaNoWriMo rewriting and polishing up VII on Wattpad.

So, will I be able to finish Kingmaker before then? I suppose that depends on the level of work I have to complete for clients as well as my commitment to finish the book.

At current estimations, it would only need less than a thousand words per day. If I set it as a priority after client work, I should be able to crank out more than that.

If I can just set aside an hour of my day, it should come together nicely. But I’ve said that before. Sometimes my clients will dump an incredible amount of work on me all at once.

Still, at least the mortgage is paid.

Trying to Cram Everything In without Burnout

I worked on next week’s schedule, and it’s a pain to fit everything in that I want to accomplish. Between client work, writing three storylines, blogs, and YouTube videos, it’s a lot to fit into an 8-hour window.

However, after shifting my “workday” to a 9 am to 6 pm schedule, I’m getting a lot more done. It’s funny how just a single hour shift can make the world of difference.

Then again, a lot of it has more to do with changing my mentality about what I want out of life in general. All of this stuff isn’t going to create itself, and I’ve spent too much time wallowing in anxiety over it all.

In any case, I think I found a decent flow for myself and am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish before the year’s end.

Still Moving Along

I feel quite accomplished this week. Even though I didn’t reach word-count goals, I was still able to get quite a bit done, overall. And that’s key when you’re trying to build confidence as a writer.

Whether you’re a blogger, author, or freelance writer, success comes down to how you handle the flow. Perseverance, when things go south, says more about your character than instant success.

Not everything in life is rainbows and puppies. You need to take the bad along with the good if you want to achieve your aspirations.

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