Crossing Colorado Video Challenge

Starting October 1st, 2023, Sam and I are going to see what happens if we try uploading videos for 30 days to Crossing Colorado’s YouTube channel. It’s not merely to see if we can get closer to monetizing the content, though.

Sure, making money from YouTube would be nice at some point. But there is more going on than just making that $10 per month in ad revenue.

Why 30 Days of YouTube?

Uploading a video every day is something I’ve always wanted to try. The only reason I haven’t given it a shot yet is because of how little time I often have throughout the day.

However, Sam said she’d help and make her own videos. So, if that’s true, then it’s a possibility.

It’s a Challenge to See if We Can Commit

I love challenging myself. I’m always looking for the next thing to push my limits. So, this would be a challenge to see if we can commit to the channel for a month straight.

It might also help us to create habits for maintaining the channel, and I know there are a couple of people who would appreciate the videos.

In any case, it’s a challenge that I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the time to put into it. I still don’t, which is why Sam said she would make a few videos as well.

Perhaps Generate Some Greater Interest

It would be nice to make some money from YouTube views. I don’t have a dissolution that we’ll be buying Bugattis or mansions any time in the near future. But a few bucks to offset some expenses would be helpful.

Perhaps a 30-day stretch of creating videos would help generate some interest in what we’re trying to accomplish.

Because the bar for monetization is so freaking high on YouTube, it’ll take a lot of interest beyond what we’re doing now. Currently, the channel has 301 subscribers, and most of them are following Sam because they think she’s hot.

Apparently, Sam is a hit with Phillipino and Russian men. Well, them and scammers. Still, she kind of tapped the fetish market on accident.

Keeping Ourselves Accountable

For the most part, we’re trying to use YouTube as a way to keep ourselves accountable for our weight loss journeys. When someone is actively watching your progress, you don’t want to fail.

In reality, you’re only accountable to yourself when it comes to health and fitness. And when you don’t have a lot of oversight of yourself, you need to find things that can help you stay focused.

For us, it’s the viewers.

Not to mention how we keep things real and demonstrate that it is difficult to keep motivated for fitness, especially in your 40s. People are not alone, and we show others how it could be a rough road to travel.

Plus, we love interacting with our audience and sharing thoughts about individual fitness journeys.

Why Only 30 Days?

Aside from “30 days” sounding like a nice, round number, there are a lot of things going on in November that would interfere with a routine upload.

For one thing, we plan on streaming for Extra Life the first weekend, and then heading to Utah to spend time with family on Thanksgiving for a few days.

In the grand scheme of things, a daily video in November would just be unrealistic.

Not to mention the fact that I simply don’t have time to grind out that much content on a single platform. As it stands, I’m probably going to have to do videos in the evenings after work.

I’m hoping 30 days is enough time to get some data to see if it’s even something that is worthwhile to invest time in the future.

But who knows? Perhaps this is just the thing to kickstart something amazing for Crossing Colorado. I suppose we’ll find out by the end of October.

Besides, it would probably make for an interesting read on In fact, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to try this on all the channels I manage, record the data, and then write up a decent blog post about the experience.

I’ll be sure to update you on the outcome.

The fun part is cleaning up the Crossing Colorado channel. There are a lot of outdated, poor, and lame videos that just don’t do anything but take up digital space.

For instance, there are a few videos about how we’re not going to be live on a certain day. Well, those days were years ago.

Anyway, I’ll spend a bit of time sprucing up the channel a bit to make it look nice for this experiment.

I Wanted to Do 30 Days for WriterSanctuary

I initially wanted to do a 30-day video challenge for WriterSanctuary. It’s the channel that is closest to getting monetized by YouTube. But I suppose I can wait until after this one is complete.

Perhaps it could be something I could do in December. By then, Kingmaker will be published and I should have the first draft of Fury off to the beta readers. That means I can set aside a bit of time throughout the week.

Unlike all of these successful YouTubers, I don’t have editors and writers on staff. Everything I do, I do by myself. So, it takes a huge chunk of my day that isn’t paid.

Since I have a mortgage to pay and credit card bills, I can’t afford to use too much time creating something that doesn’t have immediate income.

Hence why it takes so long to write, edit, and publish a book.

So, I have to organize my day according to the most profitable at that moment. Currently, it’s the work I do for GreenGeeks and the various clients I collect throughout the year.

Never sacrifice a paycheck for hopes and dreams. Especially if you love the work you do, anyway. Nonetheless, I would like to see how much I could make from the various YouTube channels under my belt.

In any case, I am leaning toward a 30-day video challenge for WriterSanctuary in December.

Let’s See What Happens…

As Sam said, I might be trying too hard when it comes to certain videos. I’ve said before that I am a much better writer than I am a speaker. But perhaps I do tend to overthink certain videos too much.

Maybe I need to relax more and just enjoy the process. I don’t know, but I am a bit eager to see the data after this little challenge.

Maybe something good will come of it overall.

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