This is the official home of Michael Brockbank, the author. Actually, he prefers to call himself a “writer” as he works on a variety of writing projects. Blogs, books, and clients are essentially the center of his universe.

Currently Available Books by Michael Brockbank

Starting his professional writing career in 2012, Michael has provided content for thousands of clients worldwide while publishing his own works through various blogs and books. He also manages the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel where he helps other aspiring authors find their path.

Since 2021, Michael has put more effort into writing and completing new and old creative works.

And in his own words, “I’m just getting started.”

Something Fun…

In this video, Michael and his friend, Sam, go to Lookout Mountain in Colorado to take pictures for A Freelancer’s Tale. This was his first book published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various eBook platforms.