Michael Brockbank 2017Welcome to my personal page. Here is where you’ll find everything related to me in regards to professional online activity.

This site is pretty new, so it currently doesn’t have the bells-and-whistles I’d like it to have…yet.

However, I do have immediate plans to do more while showcasing all the different things I am involved in. This includes everything from writing to gaming for charities.

If you’d like to contact me directly, you can currently use the contact form at Writer Sanctuary. I will add one to this site as soon as I have time, but WriterSanctuary.com is currently my go-to blog.


In 2017, I started working with GreenGeeks web hosting as a freelance writer. In May of 2019, I was promoted to Content Marketing Team Lead. Now, I oversee the content created by my team of writers covering topics such as WordPress tutorials, small business blogs and marketing methods.

In June of 2019, I attended my first WordCamp in Kansas City on behalf of GreenGeeks. I am proud to be a part of the team and enjoy the work I do for the company.

My Personal Blogs

Below are my personal blogs. Currently, my “flagship” site is WriterSanctuary.com. However, I have plans for expanding all three as time permits. As you can see, my interests are quite diverse. I also have plans to add one more to this list, which is more of an experimental blog for video tutorial purposes.

Writer Sanctuary Logo

Writer Sanctuary

Writer Sanctuary was created to help others learn how to break into the world of freelance writing. I began the site to help me learn how to become a better writer in all aspects starting with the Textbroker content mill.

Since then, I’ve expanded to include blogging, WordPress and being creative on Wattpad.

It has now grown to include its own YouTube channel with prospects of starting a podcast in the near future.

Crossing Colorado Logo

Crossing Colorado

I created Crossing Colorado as a way to help motivate me to lose weight. At the time, I was at more than 300 pounds. I was inspired by the people who commit to Pedal the Plains in Colorado. And I wanted to join them on a bicycle.

I was considerably out of shape and on death’s door…literally.

Nowadays, the site focuses on what you can do to lose weight and stay fit through gamifying fitness and eating in correct portion sizes.

Colorado Plays Logo

Colorado Plays

Colorado Plays is kind of an extension to Crossing Colorado. It centers around gaming of all kinds, including things you might do in real life. For instance, I often do reviews on amusement parks and establishments where physical play is the main component.

However, I do a lot of PC gaming as well.

This is another website that is morphing into YouTube and Twitch streaming. Well, that is when I have the time.

Wattpad Works

I enjoy being creative. And although I’ve been a bit busy to flesh out more stories, I like using Wattpad to showcase my work. It gives me a way to practice writing while developing my own sense of style. I also welcome constructive criticism from readers as it helps me create more engaging material.

Normally, I promote my creative works on WriterSanctuary.com.